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Brand Authority

BrandAuthority.com is a full-service domain marketplace. It is recognized as a pioneer in the use of selling domains as a platform for the sale and acquisition of premium domain names. We recognize the importance of providing choices for the people who depend upon us for investment properties or for domains capable of being the vehicle for branding a new or existing business.

At BrandAuthority, we believe how you brand your business is as important as how you engage your customers and operate it on a day-to-day basis. With the right team and vision behind your business’s branding efforts, you can take advantage of word-of-mouth advertising, attract more customers and, ultimately, increase sales and profits. BrandAuthority has the resources you need to achieve those goals.

At BrandAuthority, our mission is to help startup entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners find and acquire domain names that establish their brands in the digital marketplace while supporting their marketing and advertising efforts in the future. With our domain name services, you are able to invest in a piece of online real estate that represents your business and offers you the highest return on investment.

At BrandAuthority, we safeguard a sizable inventory of high-quality branded domain names in a variety of verticals. If in the rare case we don’t own the branded domain name you desire, we will work with a third-party associate like DomainBroker.nyc to find and negotiate a fair price for it.

In addition to offering all of our branded domain names at market price, BrandAuthority also offers an exclusive ‘Pay as you Grow’ business assistance program for startups. This gives young entrepreneurs an opportunity to own a branded domain name without enduring the upfront costs at once. We do this by offering flexible payment terms that include equity investment and domain financing.

If you are interested in selling or buying a branded domain name, contact BrandAuthority today for more information about how to get started. Our experienced brand advisers are ready to help you take advantage of the benefits that Internet marketing can bring to your business. With a piece of secured online real estate that brands your business in the best possible way, you will be flourishing in no time.